PereGaea is the illustrated story of evolution on the imaginary world of PereGaea. It is quite different from the theory of evolution as we know it on Earth as it is hardware-independent, that is, it, may happen organically as happened here, or based on silicon or some other element. It will also eventually lead to consciousness which, as we will see in Peregaea, is dependent on its versions of the amygdala, hippocampus, and cortex. The universe might even be dominated by such machines, conscious or other-wise, since they won’t need food, water, or the somewhat limited range of temper- atures we must have to survive. They may not even need spaceships to move around  in space. But, most importantly, they won’t be limited by the size of their brains as we are,  but can expand them as they see fit as. Perhaps this will become the story of our own future evolution as we prepare to explore Space.